Are You Optimizing Your Landing Pages?


Make it obvious – A great way to help get the conversion is to give the guest exactly what they came searching for. Match their keyword search query with your headlines and text. Use a great deal of white space and highlight the rewards they will receive. And most importantly, employ a strong call to action to get the conversion.

The obvious answer is, you would. Let us take a peek at 5 ways you can better optimize your landing pages for more conversions, whether for sales or lead generation.

5 Tricks for Optimizing Landing Pages

Succinct and to the point – Normally a landing page has one distinct intent that you want to make crystal clear upon arrival. You need to tie in your search query with your headlines and copy. Use bullet points to emphasize benefits and important information. Use clear, robust calls to action that leave no question what the reader needs to do next.

Choose your words carefully – Include your main keywords and direct your reader to the steps you want them to complete. You have confined space and time here, so economy is the word of the day. Try and use the most robust language you can.

Do not ignore conventional SEO – Items like title tags, descriptions and keyword intention also make a difference with landing pages, and can help them rank in Google’s search results. Additionally, by utilizing high quality on-page SEO you are far more likely to get high relevance and quality scores from Facebook and Google with paid ads.

Test several iterations – You’ll want to test various versions of your landing pages for headlines, images and color, among other things. While it can take more time, it is an uncomplicated way to seriously improve your sales!

Use social proof and trust evidence – If you can fit in recommendations, make sure you do so, and trust seals and badges are also valuable. Every bit of trustworthiness you can add will benefit you.

How to Get Better Conversions with Improved Calls to Action


After putting together that wonderful offer that is sure to get your business to the next level, you set up your salespage and other selling materials such as emails, landing pages, thank you pages and more.

Then you send it out, and it falls flat.

So what happened? Was it the copy’s fault, is the price too high, or is your color scheme all wrong?

Well one thing that for sure didn’t happen is a lot of A/B testing on the various elements of your offer. And although some of these could be the culprit, odds are the answer is found in a much simpler solution: Your calls to action.

What Makes a Terrific Call to Action

It is a truism that regarding calls to action the most important aspect is to make sure that you specifically tell your reader precisely what they need to do next. Leaving it up to them hardly ever results in what you are seeking.

custom-call-to-action-buttonsStrive to be very direct, and use plain language, no matter what action you are asking them to take, from a free download to a sales button.

Craft a Sense of Urgency

You want your readers to act now, so creating an aura of urgency around your product or offer is essential. If there are limited quantities, or the sale is for a limited time, state that. If the promo pricing ends soon, emphasize that. Do whatever you can to get them to act today!

Several Elements of Great Calls to Action

  • Use several calls to action on the page, including one “above the fold”
  • Consider using numbers as they increase user attention
  • Make your offer pop by contrasting colors with the rest of the page
  • Inject emotion into your calls to action whenever possible
  • Be sure and stress benefits and not features

If maximum conversions is your goal, (and why wouldn’t it be?) take the time and effort to create a call to action that is worthy of your product. Test out your offers ceaselessly to find the best possible combination of elements. You’ll be glad you took the time!