How to Utilize LinkedIn for your Small Business

linked in for small biz

Remember when LinkedIn was that place you visited when you wanted to either post of look for a new job? It’s so much more than that now, and for small businesses, it is now a powerful tool for branding and networking your company.

LinkedIn helps you brand, is an outstanding place to post pillar content, and gets your name and brand in front of people you’ll want to work with.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips for helping your small business get a better footing on LinkedIn.

5 Tips for Small Businesses on LinkedIn

Create a powerful profile – Even though this may seem like tired advice to those who’ve set up profiles on many sites, on LinkedIn your profile is usually the deciding factor in whether or not someone connects with you, which is the whole point of being on the site. So it’s very important to use your profile for all it’s worth. There’s a lot you can inject here, so spend some time to explore how best to use yours.

Use great images – Take every opportunity to inject visual content into your LinkedIn content by using images, videos, presentation and more. People respond to visual far faster and better than mere text.

Get involved in groups – It’s a proven fact that those who get involved in groups on LinkedIn have about 4X more profile views than those who don’t. Moreover, it’s a prime opportunity to showcase your authority and knowledge in front of a highly-targeted crowd.

Work at connecting – If you are working at presenting yourself, posting great content, and contributing to LinkedIn, you will notice that your connection requests soar. If you build it, they will come!

Use LinkedIn Company Pages – This is a wonderful way to showcase your small business on LinkedIn. Use it as another social property supporting your main site, and drive visitors to it from your company page.

Every small business could use a little help, and a terrific place to find some is through LinkedIn’s small business helps. These free resources help you grow, optimize and further utilize this platform for all it’s worth. Don’t neglect to look into this!

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