Get Going with Visual Content Marketing

There is little doubt the world is growing increasingly visual, at least the online world. Today people are a lot more inclined to view visual content than they are to read textual material. For proof you have to look no further than your Facebook newsfeed. 87 percent of the most-shared posts contain photos, and posts having visual content result in 180 percent greater engagement.

This has created a massive opportunity for marketers to exploit, and if you haven’t already, it’s safe to say you’re a bit late to the party. But have no fear, as we have found 5 great ways to create unique, visual content for your marketing.

5 Ways For You To Use Visual Content in your Marketing

Infographics – This relatively new visual content form has several great advantages. Firstly you can cram a lot (or a little!) data in a very creative form. Second, and possibly most important, they are easy to share and people are usually eager to do so, which results in traffic and backlinks.

Videos – Versatile and easy to share, videos also offer the ability to be shared widely, and are easy to create in a number of forms. You can produce simple slideshow videos, web cam videos, live on location videos, short Vine or Instagram videos (6- 30 seconds long!) and many more ideas. This form is also excellent for generating traffic and links.

Develop Unique Imagery – It has become easier than ever to craft unique images that are solely available for your marketing purposes. Since it’s become an unwritten rule that images must accompany or overpower textual content now, it’s up to you to create these. In addition many of these can be posted to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more traffic and links.

Screenshots – Screenshots are an awesome way to convey social proof. They are super easy to make, and you can easily insert them into many types of posts, or create slideshows with them.

Data Shares – Using charts and graphs are an easy way to illustrate data through visualization. Hard to convey concepts in text are more fully understood with an accompanying data share.

Here’s an example of a Visual Content Marketing Guide you can use to, well, guide you.


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