Turning Shoestring Marketing Into Thousands Of Value

Practical Value

Produce Shareable Content

sharable content

The technique of gaining huge returns on inexpensive content is to make it go viral. This is obviously easier said than done, but it is in no way impossible. You initially need to make your content shareable. Once again, easier said than done, nonetheless it becomes much simpler when following the recipe for viral content.

Social Currency




Practical Value


Think Outside Facebook

Dropping some ad dollars on Facebook will certainly help turn your content viral. You should also utilize Twitter which can frequently return precisely the same result free of charge. It commences with seeking out trusted voices in your industry and following them on Twitter.

Observe to find out which individuals take the time to retweet and respond to tweets. These are the influencers you need to focus on. Tag these individuals when sharing your concentrated content and hope they will think it is wonderful enough to share. It is usually a smart idea to test run a piece of content on Facebook to check share-ability before trying it out on influencers.

Think Beyond the Social Media Box Altogether

Even when Facebook and Twitter are obviously powerful applications,it is important to break away from these restrictions. Sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon can drive equally as much, or even more, traffic than typical social media giants. StumbleUpon, for instance, recently made up over 50 % of the internet’s referral traffic.

Simply by using social media and producing great content, you can make the smallest marketing budget do wonders. We should never accept the fallacy that affordable somehow equals low quality.

Get Going with Visual Content Marketing

There is little doubt the world is growing increasingly visual, at least the online world. Today people are a lot more inclined to view visual content than they are to read textual material. For proof you have to look no further than your Facebook newsfeed. 87 percent of the most-shared posts contain photos, and posts having visual content result in 180 percent greater engagement.

This has created a massive opportunity for marketers to exploit, and if you haven’t already, it’s safe to say you’re a bit late to the party. But have no fear, as we have found 5 great ways to create unique, visual content for your marketing.

5 Ways For You To Use Visual Content in your Marketing

Infographics – This relatively new visual content form has several great advantages. Firstly you can cram a lot (or a little!) data in a very creative form. Second, and possibly most important, they are easy to share and people are usually eager to do so, which results in traffic and backlinks.

Videos – Versatile and easy to share, videos also offer the ability to be shared widely, and are easy to create in a number of forms. You can produce simple slideshow videos, web cam videos, live on location videos, short Vine or Instagram videos (6- 30 seconds long!) and many more ideas. This form is also excellent for generating traffic and links.

Develop Unique Imagery – It has become easier than ever to craft unique images that are solely available for your marketing purposes. Since it’s become an unwritten rule that images must accompany or overpower textual content now, it’s up to you to create these. In addition many of these can be posted to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more traffic and links.

Screenshots – Screenshots are an awesome way to convey social proof. They are super easy to make, and you can easily insert them into many types of posts, or create slideshows with them.

Data Shares – Using charts and graphs are an easy way to illustrate data through visualization. Hard to convey concepts in text are more fully understood with an accompanying data share.

Here’s an example of a Visual Content Marketing Guide you can use to, well, guide you.


5 Ways To Extend The Reach Of Your Content

How to Extend your Content’s Reach

You did it! You created awesome content that will solve many of the world’s ills with ease. If only they get to read it.

Unfortunately, not everyone is sure on how to make sure their content reaches the most possible eyes. In today’s world of instant gratification, you have to go a bit further if you really wish to have your content spread widely.

To help you to get your head around how to make this happen, we’re going to have a look at ways you can extend your content’s reach.

5 Tips for Promoting your Content

megaphone girlUse your email list – Sending an email announcing your new content is a super easy (and free) way to get more views to your content. Encourage your subscribers to socially share and forward this email to people they know who might be interested.

Post on Social Media – Your social media channels are yet another goldmine for traffic. Make a short post, again encouraging them to share and comment, and drop in a link. Since we don’t always know who has a huge following, this can result in quite a lot of visitors.

Place Ads on Social Media – Social media channels can be a great place to advertise. Often it is very low-cost, and highly targeted. In particular try Facebook and Twitter. A recent wrinkle is the mobile ad platforms, where large amounts of traffic can be had for mere pennies!

Use Content Amplification Services – Have you ever seen links on web pages that are headlines linking to articles out on the Web? These are very likely coming from content amplification services like Outbrain or Taboola. You can see your headline on major sites you could never hope to get on otherwise, sites like USAToday, FoxNews, ABC News, CNN, ESPN and many others. And, you are only charged when people click through to your page.

Seek out Promotional Sites – There are several highly-trafficked sites that are easy to place your links on. Many of these are free or very low-cost. A few of these are sites like Inbound.org, Snip.ly, Scoop.it, Slideshare, BlogEngage, Triberr and AllTop.