Our Team

Jeremy Friedland
Chief Insanity Officer

As hard as it is to believe, Jeremy actually runs things around here, and keeps the ball rolling on all of our marketing and design projects.

As you can see, he likes to have a good time, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He makes sure to remind everyone that work can, and should, be fun.

He also commits a ridiculous amount of time to our clients needs, and makes sure that we are providing the best possible results and services to them, even if that means referring them to other specialists.

Random Tidbit: You can find this guy on the small screen every once and awhile, acting in some of your favorite tv shows, and in local and national commercials.

chris hunter

Chris Hunter
Chief Marketing Maniac

Chris oversees all operations and marketing strategies (Reputation, SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc).He’s been ranking websites on Google, Yahoo and Bing since 1998 when he ranked his Dreamweaver Tutorials website and got hooked on SEO.

Since then, he has helped over 1,500 clients literally dominate their markets and crush their competition online. Which is why we are really happy that he is part of our team and not helping some other Portland marketing company.

Random Fact from Chris: “I rode my bicycle from College Station, TX to Baltimore, MD in June 2012 (2,300+ miles) to raise money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer (what my dad passed from). Read more at http://www.irideforcancer.org”

Shawn Hooghkirk
The Crazy Coder

This is our custom website designer and programmer. It is very rare to have someone that has the ability to do both, but we found a good one. He has his own agency, but has agreed to partner with us as well, after much begging and pleading.

We were actually tempted to keep his identity a secret, so that nobody else tries to use him for their projects, but we are confident we can keep him busy enough to stick around.

In the meantime, he is busy meeting with our clients and busting out some really great custom websites for clients that are looking for more than just our standard local website themes.

If that’s you, and you are looking to WOW your website visitors, than you are in for a great experience, with one of the best designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

What We Do

Digital Marketing Maniacs does more than just market your business, we get down to the nitty gritty of what you want your business to be, what kind of customers you want, and how to get in front of your ideal customer, with the highest ROI possible.

Not only that, but we also help you automate a ton of your repetitive tasks, so that you can have more time to enjoy your new rush of business, or spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Who We Do It For

After being in business for all these years, we have come to the understanding that we can’t help everyone. Heck, you may not be a good fit for us, and we may not be the best fit for what you are trying to accomplish.

We do have some criteria for the businesses that we work with, and we typically cover that in our first conversation with each other, just so we don’t waste one another’s time.

Just for a quick reference though, here are some businesses that we don’t think are a good fit.

Florists, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, clothing stores,or any other business that has a low ticket product or service.

A typical client investment runs anywhere from $1k – $4k per month, and can go up from there. So if that number makes you wanna puke, we probably are not a good fit for you.

We believe you get what you pay for, and we consistently dominate local markets for our clients, and charge accordingly.

Company Description

We have been around since 2011, and have consistently doubled our business every single year, and more than doubled the business of our clients year after year.

You can say that starting this company was a bit of an accident, but a very happy accident.

In late 2010 Jeremy was approached by someone that needed help putting together a marketing and training program that would teach people how to run their business using outsourcing.

During the creation of that 8 week course, he ran across a program on how to start a Local Marketing Company, and thought that sounded pretty cool. So, he dove into learning how he could help local business owners get more customers, clients, etc. The rest is history.

Jeremy got his very first client for a whopping $150, and has been going full steam ahead ever since. Growing his business into helping hundreds of local businesses around the Northwestern states, and even a few in New Zealand and India too.

If you are hungry for new clients, customers, or patients, and think that you would enjoy working with us, please allow us to speak with you and prove how we can grow your business by 200% – 300% in the first year of working with us.  Contact us today.