5 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Limited Budget

on a budgetOkay, we can all agree that not every business boasts an unlimited marketing budget, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity under the sun. Even large companies have limitations, and working creatively within your budget, however meager, is a key to online success.

So in this post we’re going to have a look at 5 effective ways you can market your business on a limited budget. We’ll detail them; all you need to do is do them!


Check Out These 5 Tips for Marketing with a Small Budget

Be Social-Minded – Right now social media is where the people are, and you will be missing out if you do not take advantage of this. Social sites offer you the best opportunity to share your content to a vast audience, many of whom you are not yet connected to! Get active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and also Pinterest and Instagram if you have ANY visual aspects to your business. This is great for direct traffic, referrals, and customer service.

Utilize Email – There is no reason not to build and maintain an email list for your business. In fact, running without an email list seriously hampers your long-term prospects. You can count on your competition using one. If you’re afraid of costs, there are great free solutions like Mailchimp if you’re just starting. You can upgrade to a paid account when your business justifies it.

Create a Destination Blog – Creating a blog that grows in stature, has repeat visitors and is shared widely is a huge asset for a small business on a limited budget. You can really do anything you want from your blog platform; build lists, conducts surveys, hold contests, build authority, announce new products and sales. Make your blog the hub of activity around which your business operates.

Use Visual Content – We all love to watch and gaze at visual content, and your visitors are no different than you. The fact is, employing visual content makes it far more likely that you’ll keep visitors around longer, keep them more engaged, and generally give a better user experience.

Dip your Toes into Paid Ads – Don’t be scared off of paid advertising simply because you have a small budget. There are many platforms that permit you to run ads to highly targeted people for mere pennies. Facebook and Twitter ads can be had for low prices, and your daily budget doesn’t have to exceed just a couple of dollars. Mobile ad platforms are even less expensive. Check this out today!

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