5 Social Media Goofs to Avoid

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Do you want to create tons of social media buzz quickly? Wade into social media without knowing what you’re doing, post something without thinking it through, and see how much attention you get!

Many a business has found out the hard way what NOT to do in social media, and paid the price in lost revenue and reputation. The old saw that no publicity is bad publicity never had to face a world where your comments and words can fly around the world in an instant, and get shared in hundreds or thousands of places.

Since we rely so much today on social media word of mouth, let’s take a look at 5 ways you can help eliminate some of these social media mistakes.

5 Social Media Mistakes that Are All Too Easy to Make!

Being combative online – When you experience a customer complaint and they bring it to your attention in one of your social media channels, this is an opportunity for you to shine rather than fight or hide. Take the high road, respond professionally, go the extra mile and remember that this type of person for most businesses represents a tiny percentage of customers. No matter what you do, don’t get into a food fight online!

Not being present – If you’re the type who comes around once a month or so on your social channels, and expects this to be anything but a waste of time; well, take this advice. Be present, be engaged, and be social. This only works if you are using the platforms to get your audience to know, like and trust you. Anything else is a waste of time.

Buying social love – If you think you can simply purchase your way into thousands of fans and followers and all will be well, you’ve got another thing coming. You will likely have your account banned, and if you don’t the “fans” won’t be worth anything to you, as they don’t know you, and you haven’t earned any trust with them.

Too many pitches – You can and should market to your social following, but only after you’ve earned the right to by giving, contributing, engaging and winning trust. Then, only do so perhaps one out of five posts.

Having the right person post – Many mistakes come about as a result of having an inexperienced staff member handle your business social media accounts. This is not a job for a novice! Either hire someone who knows their way around social media or train one!

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